Subjects You’ll Cover in Horticulture

Follow OHS procedures

  • Follow workplace procedures for hazard identification and risk control
  • Observe safe practices during work operations
  • Participate in arrangements for maintaining health and safety of all people in the workplace

Observe environmental work practices

  • Follow environmental workplace practices
  • Contribute to improved environmental work practices
  • Recognise and report on a potential environmental threat
  • Maintain environmental records

Work effectively in the industry

  • Obtain information about the industry
  • Observe employment requirements
  • Accept responsibility for quality of own work
  • Plan own work

Participate in workplace communications

  • Follow routine spoken messages
  • Perform workplace duties following routine written notices
  • Obtain and provide information in response to workplace requirements
  • Complete relevant work related documents

Plant trees and shrubs

  • Prepare for planting operations
  • Prepare trees and shrubs for planting
  • Install trees, shrubs and other plants
  • Complete planting operations

Recognise plants

  • Prepare for plant recognition
  • Recognise specified plants
  • Complete recognition of plants

Undertake propagation activities

  • Prepare for plant propagation
  • Propagate plants
  • Complete propagation activities

Treat weeds

  • Prepare to treat weeds
  • Treat weeds
  • Carry out post treatment operations

Provide basic first aid

  • Assess the situation
  • Apply basic first aid techniques

Pot-on plants

  • Prepare for potting-on operations
  • Prepare growing media
  • Pot-on propagated plants
  • Complete potting-on operations

Prune shrubs and small trees

  • Identify pruning requirements
  • Prepare for pruning
  • Undertake pruning of shrubs and small trees

Determine basic properties of soil/growing media

  • Collect soil/media samples for testing
  • Perform basic soil/media tests

Operate retail equipment

  • Maintain retail equipment
  • Apply keyboard skills
  • Operate data entry equipment

Apply point of sale handling procedures

  • Operate point of sale equipment
  • Perform point of sale transactions
  • Complete sales
  • Wrap and pack goods

Collect, prepare and preserve plant specimens

  • Collect Specimens
  • Dress plant specimens
  • Record data

Maintain the workplace

  • Use tools, equipment and machinery
  • Maintain a clean and safe workplace
  • Maintain structure and workplace surroundings

Provide information on products and services

  • Identify information requirements
  • Provide information